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The Porsche 911 GT3 is synonymous with everything that defines a true sports car: the search for hundreds of seconds of lap time, the struggle to shrink a gram of weight, the feeling of pure adrenaline. Porsche Design transformed the excitement of high-performance racing into a distinctive chronograph available exclusively to buyers of the new 911 GT3: the Porsche Design Chronograph 911 GT3.

Racing design, down to the last detail
Like its strong model, the new Porsche Design Chronograph 911 GT3 exudes inspiration with its ornate design, consistent performance and exquisite craftsmanship. The close connection between the watch and the sports car is undeniable at first glance. Key design features, material choice, and performance characteristics of the 911 GT3 shaped both the conception and manufacture of the chronograph. The high-tech titanium used in the watch case is derived from the principle of lightness in the engine design, while the color and material options are inspired by the vehicle’s equipment options.

Available in two versions
The Porsche Design Chronograph 911 GT3 is available in two versions: a sports version with a color ring applied in the attractive shark blue color and an original version with a black colored ring. As usual with Porsche Design watches, these two models are distinguished by their superlative ability: just like in the cockpit, the hands and numbers in white and yellow on a black background instantly catches the eye. The chronograph strap is made of genuine Porsche leather with “GT3” engraving and includes contrast stitching – Shark Blue or GT Silver, depending on the edition. Thanks to the innovative Porsche Design quick changeover system, the belt – available in medium and large sizes – can be easily and conveniently replaced without the need for additional tools.

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Precision meets performance
Although not immediately apparent, the movement of the watch also originated in motorsport. The Porsche Design Caliber WERK 01.200 with flyback function combines start, stop and beeping in a single operation, making the 911 GT3 chronograph the perfect ring companion. It’s COSC certified – a distinction awarded only to the most accurate watches. The movement is powered by a custom winding rotor recreated from the Porsche 911 GT3 wheel design. The GT3 wheel rotor is available in six colors identical to those available to the vehicle configuration, exclusively for this chronograph and 911 GT3 owners only. Each roundabout is completed by a miniature sporting center lock with the Silver GT3 emblem. The crankcase is also directly related to high-performance sport and is made of high-resistance, lightweight and hypoallergenic titanium – just like the engine bus bars in the Porsche 911 GT3. High-tech components like these are usually used in more advanced racing engines.

Inspired by the 911 GT3, personalized by a driver
The Porsche 911 GT3 is as single as the person who drives it. This is why more customization options are offered in markets where Porsche Design’s new bespoke watch program is currently available – in Germany, the UK and the US. With the Porsche Design Watch Configurator, 911 GT3 owners can customize additional details on the watch and customize it to perfectly match the sports car of their dreams.

The case has two color options – natural titanium or titanium black – in addition to the positions with a sports accelerometer or classic minutes scale. The dial ring can be customized in GT3 color range. The black leather belt for the Porsche sports car is decorated with the engraving “GT3” and is decorated with contrasting Porsche strings in four colors. And for the first time, the all-new Shark Blue color is available. Alternatively, the bracelet is available without engraving, in various leather colors as well as in titanium. All selected options and the respective configuration price are displayed in real time. Once setup is complete, the customer receives a single code that can be used to request the custom watch from an authorized Porsche dealer.

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Availability and pricing
The Porsche Design Chronograph 911 GT3 will be available in the spring of 2021, starting at $ 8,050 / € 6,683 (suggested retail price) and with delivery taking eight to twelve weeks. For more information on the Porsche Design 911 GT3 Chronograph and the ordering process, please visit www.porsche-design.com/911GT3.

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