Pope Francis becomes an actor: He’s on Netflix

This isn’t April Fools’ Day on Christmas Day, Pope Francis has already become a Netflix narrator. Released on December 25, Stories of a Generation with Pope Francis is a four-part documentary series featuring the Sovereign Pontiff (and also other people over 70, including director Martin Scorsese, an immigrant who fled From Syria and then from Beirut or a Nobel Prize winner (winner David Lowe) shares his life story. goal? Eighteen inspiring stories to promote dialogue between adults and children because for him “it is important that the young speak to the old”.

Tango dancer with one lung

If this program is unexpected to say the least, it is inspired by the book of Argentine Pope Jorge Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) himself, 84 years old and a football fan, entitled “Sharing the Wisdom of Time”, published already in 2018, this poet who describes himself as a “dreamer” indulges him like never before (just like in the Netlfix series, in addition to being the narrator). There we learn in particular his passion for tango, which gives him “hope for the future” or his first experience in the working world (the hosiery factory). Without forgetting that the person who refused to be Pope (in the time of Joseph Ratzinger) is one of the masters of the ovens and reveals only one lung. In short, an inspiring journey that, like 17 other people, wanted to share with as many people as possible on Netflix.

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