Pollution with Govt-19 is the lowest in the world …

AFP reports that new pollution with the new corona virus has dropped globally for the third week in a row and reached its lowest level since the end of October, showing strong weekly improvements from its database.

The number of cases detected – an important indicator – reflects only a fraction of the actual number of contaminants, and comparisons should be made between countries – with caution – in the context of testing policy varies from country to country, he writes. News.ro.

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Under 500,000 new cases daily

The indicator – which recorded 493,000 cases daily this week – is falling below the 500,000 threshold for the first time since the end of October, according to an AFP balance sheet set for Thursday.

New pollutants continue to decline – to -13% this week – compared to the 725,000 “record” reached in mid-January.

Almost all regions have been sluggish this week, down -27% in Africa, -17% in the US and Canada, -12% in Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean, and -2% in Asia.

On the other hand, pollution has increased by 4% in the Middle East.

The virus is almost non-existent in Oceania, where there are 14 cases a day, an increase of 43%.

The most powerful fall

The lowest decline in South Africa – 49% to 4,100 new cases per day – had already fallen in the previous week.

South Africa – the country that discovered the most contagious variant of the new corona virus – saw the most significant increase in cases in late 2020, prompting authorities to impose a traffic ban in late December at night.

It is followed by Lithuania (-37%, 700), Mexico (-35%, 10,600), Japan (-31%, 3,000), Panama (-31%, 1,100) and Portugal (-30%, 9,100).

Key development

Malaysia is the country with the highest incidence of the disease – 30%, representing 4,800 new cases a day – one of the countries that recorded more than 1,000 cases a day last week.

It is followed by Jordan (+ 27%, 1,100), Peru (+ 23%, 6,500), Iraq (+ 21%, 1,000) and Turkey (+ 16%, 7,400).

Too many contacts

The country with the highest levels of new pollution this week is the United States with 133,500 new cases (-17%) daily, followed by Brazil (48,200, -7%) and Spain (29,800, -16%).

It is followed by the United Kingdom (21,200, -26%) and France (20,600, + 1%).

In terms of population, apart from microstates, Portugal has the highest number of patients registered this week (622 per 100,000), followed by Israel (587) and Montenegro (532).

Of the total 23 countries with more than 200 events, 16 are European countries.


The United States recorded the highest number of deaths this week – 3.27 per day on average – Mexico (1,111), Brazil (1,035), the United Kingdom (1,018), Germany (690), Russia (507) and France. 450).

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