Politics | United Kingdom: Boris Johnson vs. “Biological Men” in Women’s Tournament

By La Provence (with AFP)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson argued against Wednesday’s participation. “Biological men“Amid controversy over the future ban on alternative sports for women sports,” he said.

The reports from the British Prime Minister come a week after transgender cyclist Emily Bridges was declared ineligible to compete in the British Championship Women’s Championship.

I think biological men should not compete in women’s sports.Boris Johnson said during a visit to the hospital in north London.This may be controversial, but it seems fair to me.“, He explained.”Places for women – hospitals, prisons, dressing rooms or other – should be reserved for women.“.

That’s not to say I do not understand people who want to change gender, change, etc., and it is important to give them love and support to the extent that they make those decisions.“, He continued.”These are complex issues“.

The prime minister’s comments come as critics say his conservative government is turning a blind eye to alternative therapies that claim to change sexual orientation.

The ban on these treatments, which compare homosexuality to a disease, was announced by the government in October, citing its desire to create a criminal offense.

After specifying last Thursday that he would ultimately select action “Illegal“An announcement provoked the anger of unions and politicians, who promised that the government would step down and legislate a few hours later.

But the government’s plan does not include gender reassignment therapies, which are aimed at forcing transgender people to re-identify with their birth gender. “Homosexual alternative treatment will be banned, which I think is absolutely disgusting“Boris Johnson underlined Wednesday,”But there are issues and sensitivities when it comes to gender, and it seems to me that some things are worth exploring further“.

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Ian Anderson, the government’s ambassador for LGBT affairs, submitted his resignation on Tuesday, just days after the 80 LGBT unions withdrew from the international conference in London in June, in protest of the transgender’s exclusion from the program.

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