Polio is making a comeback in the UK for the first time in 38 years

“Polio is back in the UK”, Prevent daily I, Thursday, June 23. The previous day, British health officials had warned: the virus, which has been officially eradicated in the country since 2003, has been identified in sewers in north and east London. ‚ÄúSamples taken between February and May suggest that the virus has spread to a centralized or extended family.The London newspaper explains. No cases of polio have been detected, but these tests confirm the first human outbreak in the UK since 1984.

Most affected people do not develop any symptoms, often associated with the flu or causing stroke in 1% of cases.

“Public officials believe the risk to the general population is very low, but there is still a rush going on over time to identify the origin of this outbreak.

In the United Kingdom, the daily continues I, Immunization campaigns are carried out using inactivated virus, which is very effective against the disease, but less against the spread. The problem is that, in recent years, the vaccine rate among children has declined, making it the most vulnerable type in the population. “In 2020 and 2021, 92% of 1-year-olds were given their first dose, which is declining. To explain I.

“The use of inactivated virus, which is a combination of poliovirus derived from a vaccine source, is particularly worrying in London due to low vaccine protection and low efficacy against the spread.”

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