Police in the United States can now use an eviction law

Given a less dangerous and less painful alternative than Daser, Polavrop is gradually establishing itself in the arsenal of U.S. police officers.

Stop shooting or tasting a suspect. There is nothing really revolutionary about this idea, but it is gradually advancing in the United States. Police have been investing heavily in Polavrap over the past few months in a commendable effort to limit deaths associated with arrests in the country. A high-tech flaw Designed to shake without injuring a suspect.

Discovered by the Wise site a few days ago, this device looks like a taser and uses elements of surprise to control its target. In a small box, Polavrop triggers an inaudible burst, and exhales A Kevlar cable, at speeds of up to 150 m / s Above a distance of 3 to 6 meters. This tool is nicknamed after a company called Wrap Technology “Remote handcuffs” The double benefit of controlling a distant person is to avoid harming others or oneself at the same time. According to its CEO Tom Smith, “Using technology to end conflicts safely”. According to the company, it is especially effective in arguing with people with mental health problems or for example suicidal thoughts.

Tests within the U.S. Police

Especially in Seattle, Polavrop received Green light from officers for a pilot project Field tests. While the tool may seem plausible in absolute terms, there are some uncertainties: Bola does not take into account injuries caused by the fall of a once-connected suspect. Also, if a laser beam makes it possible to aim to build up part of the body, the device will cause enough sores to reach the head or throat.

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