Police have accused Waze of filing fake patrol reports

The methods of some police officers in the county of Surrey (United Kingdom) are not unanimous in social networks. In a series of tweets, the Highway Patrol explained that it uses the Waze GPS app to send ghost patrol reports. 01 net This Wednesday.

Enraged netizens

“We certainly will not drop police signs on Waze at random locations during our patrols, no, never. Easy way to slow down drivers on our roads – thanks Waze,” officials ironically said in a tweet. Guardian.

According to some netizens, this is a violation of the local law against misuse of computer equipment. Others have questioned the practice as a violation of Waze’s terms of service, which impose penalties for false reporting. The agents responded that these were not false reports because they had passed the indicated location, otherwise they would not have been able to report their presence on the GPS app.

No ghost unit

Faced with ongoing controversy on Twitter, Surrey County Police condemned the measures in a press release: “Although officers use this app to stop dangerous driving on our roads, it is not a tactic or policy. Surrey Police. »

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The use of this technique is currently under investigation, police added, adding that no shadow units have been created. The agents also seem to understand the reactions of Internet users: “We know this has raised concerns and damaged the public’s trust in us,” they said.

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