Pokémon Sword & Shield: These free items are available for a limited time

To congratulate the international community after a massive team win, Game Freak decided to gift all Pokemon trainers. Hurry up and get yours!

It was Big challenge Who was waiting for coaches February 4 to 8. In order to get a bonus in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Everyone had Unite to face the raids of Dynamax. Their goal? Eliminate at least 500,000 NegociansThis is flying and water Pokemon that looks like a cormorant. If you attend the event, you already know It was won! The second level has been reached He defeated more than a million Negocians. Thus this wonderful victory allows the entire community Enjoy a complete gift. Something to console yourself after Announcing the cancellation of the Pokemon World Championships.

Defeated a million Negocians in raids on Dynamax!

Whether or not you fought against Negocier, You can ask for Mysterious gift, available for a limited time. Particularly contains a Orb flame, a Orb And the a Ball light, but that is not all! a Dor capsule, Three Silver capsules And the three Triple beads I might add To reward the amazing results of coaches. to have fun, surrender In the list From Pokémon Sword or Shield and Open An unknown gift Clicking Receive online. Attention, You only have until February 28th to claim your gift! Moreover, talking about a gift, If you also play Pokemon Go, some Valentine’s Day surprises await. Other than that, you can also indulge in an indulgence Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC Content Is Currently For Sale On Eneba!

Credits: Pokemon Sword & Shield / Game Freak

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