Pokemon: Netflix will make a ‘live action’ series

diverse Announcing news likely to be talked about today: Netflix is ​​preparing for a series ل Live action or direct event Pokemon, according to a source.

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The news hasn’t been confirmed by Netflix yet, but diverse Do not use to reveal information in a vacuum. However, the reaction may be very different on the part of the fans. Series Live action or direct event Pokémon can be a really good idea if it fails, or a really bad idea that surprises everyone.

According to the source diverseJoe Henderson an offer from the Italian League The devilHe will be the scriptwriter and producer of the project. The media explains that the series should be similar to the movie Detective Pikachu 2019, which stars Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith.

It’s reassuring to know that the project won’t stray too far from that Detective Pikachu Who surprised more than one person with his good story and excellent performance of Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu. Is it possible to reproduce such success in a series without Reynolds?

It’s no surprise to see Netflix jump at the opportunity to fund the Pokémon Project. The platform already hosts many movies and series from the franchise, including the excellent pokemon: indigo league, who started it all. The Pokémon craze doesn’t fade over time either. Rare collecting cards are being sold for more than ever, Pokemon GO It has loyal players and the franchise has video games scheduled for the next few months.

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serial Live action or direct event It’s not likely to hit Netflix any time soon. diverse He says the project is still in its early stages at the moment.

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