Pokémon: It’s official, Pokémon Presents will take place tomorrow February 26th

Good news: A new video called Pokémon Presents will be available to the public starting tomorrow. The time and duration of the show are known now!

The rumors have been swollen for several days. At the beginning of the week, Some leaks indicated that Pokémon Direct will happen before Pokémon’s birthdayThat is, February 27. Then, yesterday, we were able to find out thanks to the calendar that the official Pokémon account revealed on Twitter A potential show that can take place on February 26th. Now the official information has been published: We will be entitled to some information about Pokémon during a presentation tomorrow on February 26 at 4 pm, called Pokémon Presents. The video should continue About 20 minutes And showcased some upcoming Pokemon projects.

Any new information on upcoming Pokemon games?
Post Malone's concert was Sunday 1 am.
Post Malone’s concert was Sunday 1 am.

But here it is as you will notice, This is and presents Pokemon, not direct Pokemon. In other words, the ads may be a far cry from everything fans of the series expect, especially when it comes to video games. En effet, si beaucoup attendaient de cet événement qu’il révèle notamment un potentiel remake de Pokémon Perle et Diamant, ou de nouvelles informations à propos de New Pokémon Snap, on est désormais plus sûr que ce soit le cas, même si la laibilité est always here. The world of Pokémon is so vast that we can discover, for example Lots of info on Pokémon cards, Pokémon Unite (moba on Pokémon mobile) or even a little trailer for a Post Malone concert February 28 at 1 a.m. In short, If it weren’t straightforward Pokemon, now it’s hard to predict what the Pokémon company will prepare for us tomorrow: so we’ll have to wait before finding out more. While waiting for the meeting tomorrow at 4 pm The official offer, You can get yourself DLC pass for Pokémon Sword and Shield at a good price here.

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