Poet Amanda Gorman is a victim of racial profiling

The young black American poet Amanda Gorman, who has become famous since she recited a poem during Joe Biden’s inauguration, claims that a security agent followed her in her neighborhood and considered her “suspicious”.

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When she comes home on Friday evening, the 22-year-old recounts on Twitter that the agent called her, asking if she was living well in the neighborhood. According to his account, he told her: “You look suspicious.”

Then she showed him her keys before entering her building. “He left without apologizing,” she added on Twitter. “It’s the daily life of black girls: One day, they say you’re a symbol, the next day, you’re a threat.”

Asked by AFP for more information about the accident, Amanda Gorman, whose Twitter account indicates she lives in Los Angeles, did not immediately follow up.

Amanda Gorman, a multi-poetry contestant and a Harvard sociology graduate, seduced America and beyond, with her poem “The Hill We Climb”, which he recited on January 20 in Washington during a concert. US inauguration. President Joe Biden.

The poem was supposed to be a message of hope and a call for unity addressed to a divided country.

Since opening, she has signed a modeling contract with IMG. She also has three books in preparation.

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