Plug & Play solar power station to produce electricity from your balcony

Anker is getting into Plug & Play. Play for self consumption. With Anker Solix, the manufacturer is introducing a new family of products that are positioned at the highest level and show great ambitions.

Anker already offers several photovoltaic panels, but they are mainly designed to power its own power plants. The manufacturer is developing a range of new Anker Solix models, its first Plug & Play solar power station intended for self-consumption.

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Solar electricity is certainly one of the easiest renewable energies for the general public to implement. According to ADEME, there is a reservoir of 350 GWh of urban surface area in France that could be used for solar energy production. The energy crisis and environmental awareness are boosting local production. Besides the classic rooftop panels, there are Plug & Play solar stations.

Their concept is simple, a solar panel designed to be installed on the ground or on a balcony. It comes with a micro inverter that converts solar energy into electricity and injects it into your electrical grid through an outlet. This allows you to get significant savings, even from a small balcony. Exactly what the Anker Solix kit offers, which includes two different looks.

  • Anker Solix RS40 which measures 172.2 x 113.4 x 3.5 cm for 20.5 kg with a power of 415 watts and an efficiency of 21.3%.

  • The Anker SOlix RS40P is a little more upscale, with a beautiful unibody black surface and more interesting technical characteristics: 440 Wp and 23% energy efficiency. Its dimensions are close to the RS40 (170.6 x 113.4 x 3.5 cm), it is slightly heavier with 22 kg on the scale.

Each is accompanied by a 600-watt inverter and includes all the items needed for assembly, even the tools. The panel(s) can be installed on the floor or on the balcony. Count 799 euros for the RS40 with accessories and supports, 1249 euros for the two RS40 panels and so 830 Wp. The RS40P costs €999 with accessories and support, €1,649 for two boards or 880 Wp.

Anker warranties the micro converter for 10 years, and the plate cells for 12 years for the RS40 and 15 years for the RS40P. It also provides a 30-year performance warranty for an 88% initial yield for the RS40P. A complete offering that sits at the top of the segment range that we’re looking forward to testing.

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