Plerin: Estimate 5.80 million euros for Espace des Arts – Plérin

A new building of 1,600 square metres, on the site of the current car park on the rue Les Prés, rue de la Croix, to be delivered in 2023, for an envelope of €3.70 million. This was the project implemented in early 2020 by municipal candidate Ronan Cordrowan. “After consulting with residents as part of the overall development of Porte Bréhand, it was finally decided to move the project to this location, after consulting future users. Kristine Daniel, Culture Assistant, confirmed on Wednesday, at the City Council, that it has various advantages: proximity to Le Cap Center Cultural, less inconvenience, and parking lot maintenance.

The basic planning scheme between Cap and the future Ehpad, on an area of ​​3,000 square meters (blue hatch), with construction and rehabilitation of two buildings for the former equestrian centre.

Bean Cap and the new iPad

There are 1,356 square meters of buildings planned, between new construction and the rehabilitation of two buildings for the former equestrian center. The buildings and exterior fixtures are due to be delivered in the spring of 2026, and are estimated at €4.60 million, to which €1.20 million should be added for project management fees and related expenses.

This emerged from the study that was entrusted to Rennes Préprogam, as part of the task of assisting in project management. If the new place is validated by the opposition groups, this new circumstance will be even less.

Refrain from dissenting

“Our abstention is an abstention from vigilance, in the face of an explosion of costs,” Isabel Castillo insisted, for Better Life in Plerin. Here I have addressed the concerns of the Pleinarian Citizens’ Group, which also lamented the lack of a broader consultation, for a “project to be co-created by all and for all”.

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For the mayor, this budget increase is a real problem. “If at some point the additional costs become unbearable, it may be necessary to surrender. But it is also money being pumped into the local economy and job preservation.”

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