PlayStation VR 2: The exit window looks more clear

It’s been several months since Sony officially announced the arrival of a phone A new generation of PlayStation VR, which will therefore accompany the PS5. At the moment, little information has been released by the manufacturer on this topic, except that New controllers include DualSense features You will be in the game and the helmet will benefit from it Better accuracy and Better field of view. We know that too This PSVR 2 won’t arrive before 2022 at the earliest. However, to believe BloombergNew sources would have determined that Sony is currently targeting a release by the end of 2022, without further details. Of course, the sources said she asked not to be named.

New consoles that will come with PS VR 2 – Credit(s): Sony Interactive Entertainment

If it is therefore appropriate to take this information with caution, everything indicates that the year Sony mentioned was not insignificant despite its mention ” as soon as possible “. There is no doubt that the manufacturer preferred to remain ambiguous due to the health context, which largely leads to delays associated with unforeseen events.. After all, if the situation has improved very little over the past few weeks, We still have a shortage of keyboards And a lot of gamers are still struggling to get a PS5, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S. Another interesting item mentioned by Bloomberg, The PSVR 2 It will include OLED screens created by SamsungJust like PlayStation VR released in 2016 for PS4.

It remains to be seen if all this is true, and above all, when Sony will decide to reveal more about it “A true next-generation virtual reality experience”, according to qualifications Other sources last month. Remember that at the beginning of May, UploadVR revealed a file A wealth of information regarding headset accuracy, accessibility options, or the various technologies that exist To improve user experience and convenience. A response is very likely in 2022, unless the manufacturer decides to take the lead by providing us with new items during Next letter after E3 2021. But so far, nothing has been announced.

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