Play Week: Mario is doing well and some more news


Nintendo Direct is disappointing. Microsoft tickles, Sony reveals little secrets, the brutal “citizen star” opens its doors …

Shinya Takahashi, Nintendo, Nintendo Direct will broadcast from Wednesday night to Thursday.

Nintendo UK

Eighteen months have passed since Nintendo no longer complies with “Nintendo Direct,” the format intended for major announcements from the switch’s manufacturer. Fans were starving, so they were only disappointed and Nintendo made sure to walk their way.

In about fifty minutes, Mario delivered a series of presentations for its next releases, consisting mainly of redesigns or variants around old titles, without being able to create enthusiasm if we point to the rule of thumb up. Or lower it, at the bottom of the YouTube video on the Nintendo France page: A whopping 50/50 percent was noticed on Thursday, the day after the presentation.

Mario Golf: Super Rush. Announced June 25.

Nintendo Europe.

Not terrible, actually, knowing that it’s the brand’s accomplishments that come to consult this type of channel. The announcement of the new “Mario Golf” (“Super Rush”) or, at the end of the show, the game “Splatoon 3” almost did not satisfy anyone, especially when waiting like a white wolf to see the first gameplay excerpts from the “The Legend of Zelda” sequel – Breathe of the Wild, “the most promising and anticipated title of the team in which we find ourselves, instead, before the captain who apologizes, very politely, for not being able to show anything.

Microsoft Tickles

Microsoft, for its part, has dealt with the limitations of the epidemic and the chronic shortage affecting the production of a new generation of gaming devices by focusing on its strength: backward compatibility. The “Games Division” of the software giant revealed Prof. Update Which is witnessing the entry of new functions for its Xbox Series X&S consoles, that is, the ability to play games of old generations, which are generally limited to 30 frames per second, and which will go to 60 (up to 120) without interference from the developer in the code. Few games (“Watch Dogs 2” in particular) are actually beneficiaries while the next release of the Xbox system, this spring, will enable or disable this new option. Microsoft says that others will be integrated into the program on a regular basis.

Sony is less secretive

While waiting for the next big game exclusive to PS5 (first in reality), “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart”, on June 11th, the hitherto secret Sony company dedicated to revealing in more detail the architecture of the new console that Nobody can get it.

This simple fact allows pro and anti-factions to tear each other a bit more, with Xbox pros cheering to find that the PS5 potentially has a bottleneck that the Xbox series does not have, with praise for Sony’s ability to do only, and sometimes better, with less. Obviously, we will not take sides. Noticing this war gives us intense and sufficient satisfaction.

Star Citizen with free temporary admission

If you haven’t heard of it before Star Citizen You must be on the computer. Yet it is the most paranoid science fiction-RPG in video game history. With mind-boggling crowdfunding raised in 2012 ($ 4.2 million) and steadily replenishing in biblical proportions since then, the open world envisioned by Chris Roberts (an old man in the industry) remains stuck in an endless open alpha release allowing for insect adventurers Rub with some sections under construction. Entrance ticket is about forty francs with the purchase of a small spaceship, and for those who do not mind the expenses, a yacht exceeds a thousand francs. We pass on to you all the disputes of the type “Where does the money go?” Why is she so tall? Won’t the game collapse under its own weight?

In the cockpit of a ship

In the cockpit of the “Star Citizen”.


For a few days, until February 25th, “Star Citizen” gently opens its doors by providing (temporarily) a basic kit to viewers. We were, of course, quick to see that the game is still very demanding (a good computer is required for players) and that nothing is ever being done “in the game” to make it easier for newcomers to get around who will have to wrap around tons of tutorial videos, only if they understand How to get out of bed and how to open a door to leave your room. Getting to the hangar to take off on his ship is a completely different story.

Knew Head Stadia

Returning to the February 1 development, which was the announcement by Stadia (Google’s “cloud” gaming service) to close the in-house studios responsible for developing exclusive titles, the site Kotaku He reveals that the department head lied to his employees. Knowingly, what is more than that.

Phil Harrison, March 2020.

Phil Harrison, March 2020.

Getty Images

Five days before the announcement of the brutal change in the group’s strategy that caused 150 employees to lose their jobs overnight, Phil Harrison sent an email to the stakeholders about the tone of “All is well, Madame La Marquez” saying they were confident of the future. , Willing to confirm an investment envelope and pass the studio’s strategy and goals in return. When asked what happened in the meantime to explain such a transformation, the latter would have answered “nothing” by admitting that he knew, even before his reassuring message was falsely sent, that the ax had fallen.

Big Bonus for Assassin’s Creed song: Valhalla

Last Tuesday, Ubisoft announced the arrival of a big free update for the golden goose, the excellent Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Once downloaded, it provides access to new river conquests in the frontiers of England for our Vikings friends, as long as the latter need to be killed by Christians. With some additional improvements and bug fixes.

This added value comes after another major patch that has opened Valhalla’s doors to The Division 2. This co-op action game, set in Washington after a pandemic that has made us seem like a fun joke, is now displayed in 4K – 60fps resolution on the latest generation of consoles.

As far as we know, the life of video games continues.

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