Platform to highlight the “light!” French talent in the UK

Certainly, Franco-British relations pass through dialogue between political leaders, but also through cooperation on projects, particularly scientific and cultural projects. Projects that translate into various actions have been implemented such as residencies, training, comprehensive programs and professional cooperation aimed at facilitating the mobility of French talents on British soil. To centralize all this work, a new program has been set up by the French Embassy in the United Kingdom.

During a reception at the Résidence de France, the name “Lumières!” , which is the name chosen for this centralized platform and was developed in collaboration with British partners, officially on Friday 19 May. On March 10, the 30th Franco-British Summit was held at the Elysee Palace, and it was an opportunity to write a new chapter in the relations between our two countries by reaffirming our cultural bond.France’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, during her speech. Hélène Duchin noted that the “Lumières!” It was above all Catherine Colonna, his predecessor at the head of French diplomacy on British soil and, since then, foreign minister, absent from this launch due to the agenda.

Talent comes to witness

The program was presented to representatives of the French cultural and scientific network based in the United Kingdom. To show the influence of French talents on British soil, six talents came to bear witness to the work already done through various programs and procedures.

Among them, presented by Bertrand Buchwalter, Director of the French Institute in the UK, and Minh-ha Pham, Counselor for Science and Technology at the French Embassy: Angel David Guillou, pianist and composer who won the money. crosstalk (supported by the British Council); Cecile Menon – who was a benefactor of Burgess program (supported by the French Institute in the UK) – translator and founder of “runawaysFrédéric Thibault-Starzyk, Director of Research at CNRS and former Director of French House in Oxford ; Dr. Virginie Ullmann, chief research officer and researcher atEuropean Bioinformatics InstituteIt is based in Cambridge and is therefore part of the structures that support the movement and reception of French talents in the UK; Zainab Sedira, artist and award-winner Fluxus Art Projects Fund Accompanied by Joseph Constable, Curator of Exhibitions in the De la Warr Pavilion and Curator of the Fluxus Prize Laureates.

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It is enough to show interest in this platform, which will help candidates to apply more easily to these different structures. The list of these structures is long and relates to different fields such as art, design, theatre, dance, music, book, discussion of ideas but also audiovisual, cinema, animation and virtual reality, as well as scientific research and finally accompanying students. The French in the United Kingdom. The works of all the structures are hosted in various places such as the French Institutes in the United Kingdom and Scotland, the French House in Oxford, the Maison de l’Institut de France, the European Institute of Bioinformatics and Churchill College in Cambridge.

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