Plastic surgery excesses

Women, especially young people, no longer hesitate to resort to plastic surgery. However, due to social networks, competition between professionals or lack of ethics, violations exist. Geraldine Meyer and Dr. Jamie Mohamed receive Dr. Adel El Louwafi to alert us.

In recent years, there has been an increasingly frequent use of plastic surgery, especially among young people: nose, injections in the lips and breasts … but with The development of social networks that communicate very specific aesthetic standardsthe role of influencers, the competition within plastic surgery itself, the lack of skills of some practitioners in the absence of any oversight, there is a risk of succumbing to an intervention that is either useless or poorly executed.

The damage, both aesthetically and psychologically, can be serious. How do we avoid excesses in plastic surgery? When should you be careful?

Geraldine Mayer and the Dr. Jimmy Muhammad Recepion Adil Al-Lawafihead to National Federation of Plastic Surgery
To introduce us to different plastic surgery procedures and the potential risks associated with them.

questions from listeners

the Dr. Jimmy Muhammad respond to:

– Laura on Sarcoidosiswhich is called an “inflammatory” disease of unknown etiology and can affect the lungs (in 9 out of 10 patients), but also other organs;

– Auditor of accounts Eczematous dermatitis of the ear canal ;

– Jean who complains of 64 yearshemorrhoids : the Dr. Laurent Deutscha hepatologist, gastroenterologist, and colorectal cancer specialist, also offers his expertise to respond to this listener.

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