Planet influencers. Bobby Northcott, her fight for space and for women’s rights

Poppy Northcutt, a mathematician, served as a controller at NASA’s Mission Control Center in Houston and was responsible for calculating the maneuvers that would bring the Apollo spacecraft back from the moon. (Keystone Photos USA/MAXPPP)

Frances “Bobby” Northcott, 78, is a former Texas attorney and retiree from the NASA Apollo missions. Among those who follow Poppy Northcutt are many elected US officials, journalists, and personalities from Texas. Poppy is not sure Twitter This is for two years. “I’m not trying to get many followers at all, but I have these people who follow me and I don’t know why”, testify.

In April 1970, Bobby was in the NASA control room in Houston when he heard the voice of astronaut John Leonard “Jack” Swigert. “Well, Houston, we had a problem here.”

Thanks to the Apollo 8 mission, she became the first female engineer, mathematician and data analyst, to be involved in mission control for NASA. She found a way to improve the return path of the Apollo 13 shuttle, to use less fuel and conserve oxygen. A discovery that saved the lives of astronauts who just lost their tanks. She said at the time: “I feel like I’m participating in something historical.”

Fifty years later, Poppy has changed his screens and uses social media to continue promoting space travel. And opportunities have not diminished in recent months with new missions from NASA, SpaceX by Elon Musk, BlueOrigin by Jeff Bezos or Virgin Galactic by Richard Branson.

Head in the stars but feet firmly on the ground. The other side of her novel: Women’s Rights. It must be said that Bobby took part in her first feminist demonstration in 51 years. Today, he chairs the Texas chapter of the National Organization of American Women. Mature career at NASA.

I was the first woman we saw there. I should have been visible like a giraffe among the zebras and my attitude seems to be: it’s like that and you better get used to it.

In the evening, after counting the tracks, Poppy studies the law. She became a lawyer and dedicated herself to abused women or young girls who wanted an abortion against their parents’ advice.

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While Texas this summer passed very conservative laws on abortion, suffrage and the rights of transgender youth, Poppy has now been retweeted far beyond that state and invited to seminars on space or feminism. “I wasn’t really well known outside of Texas so it’s weird. Another 10 years ago I would have never imagined doing that.”, specify.

Poppy Northcutt was about to get a Lego with its shape in the box that was created in honor of the women of NASA.

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