PK Subban remains attached to Montreal Children’s Hospital

In 2015, a year before he was traded, PK Subban She pledged to raise $10 million for the hospital Through events organized by his own foundation.

His departure to the United States, along with the restrictions of the pandemic, prevented him from achieving his goal. To date, $6.3 million has been raised. PK wanted to complete his mission.

my commitment tochildren“It would last my whole life if it was up to me.

It was necessary to extend the agreement, both for us and for the hospital institution, because we had such a good rhythm before the pandemic that complicated the task for everyone and prevented us from organizing events. But I have faith in the future.

When asked why he wanted to continue and at least achieve the original goal, BK drew the likeness to his career on the ice.

There is no game or time on the ice where you give up, no matter the outcome. I’m not upset. I don’t give up on what I do.

Although he lives in the New York area, Subban wants to return to Montreal more often when his many jobs give him time.

It happened very quickly last week. Basically, I only had one night to see my closest friends and people I’ve known for a long time.

And if last week’s celebration was any indication of the future, PK Subban will continue to be well received.

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