Pink receives the ashes of the deceased and Pre De Mew on stage

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This weekend, Pink performed at Hyde Park in London (UK). During her two concerts, the singer received rather surprising “gifts,” ranging from a wheel of cheese to the ashes of a deceased person.

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During his concert on Saturday as part of his tour summer carnival, I got a Brie de Moo with a diameter of 38 cm. This cheese is made in the Meuse, a region in northeastern France, precisely at the Dongye cheese dairy in Triconville. A huge and free publicity stunt for this dairy product which, moreover, conveyed this gesture his Facebook account.

The next day, the singer received an even dirtier gift. Indeed, an onlooker threw a plastic bag containing his mother’s ashes to him. Pink interrupted her song briefly, then bent down to pick up the bundle and then turned to its owner: “Is that your mother?” , and then went off, then got a little worried: “I don’t know what to think of…”, before neatly placing the bag in front of the loudspeaker and resuming his song.

Numerous videos of these embarrassing moments were quickly transmitted on social networks. For her part, the star did not comment on this adventure, to think that she is used to receiving strange things. (sbo)

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