Pierrot Dubuis – Gilbert Annette wanted to show Erica Barraguts that she was nothing without him

On June 21, the day after the first round, I wrote an article in which I wondered: “Erika Barijits was betrayed by her camp in Saint-Denis? “I was referring to a conversation I had the night before with a man who had been attracted for several decades in political circles, at the highest level.

His punishment was final:All mayors won in their municipalities. Candidates for mayor of Saint-Denis have achieved impressive results in the counties while Erica Barritz couldn’t do better than 30% in her hometown. And severe humiliation, it even preceded Didier Robert by a few voicesFor him, there is only one explanation: it is undoubtedly a betrayal committed at the highest levels by the relatives of the mayor of Saint-Denis.

Did my informant have information that he did not want to reveal to me or was it, as he wanted me to believe, the fruit of his analysis? However, for ten days, the languages ​​were toned down and the script became clearer.

Erica Barrights tried to free herself from her stepfather’s guardianship

You should know that since her election as mayor, Erica Barrigts has tried to distance herself from Gilbert Annette, to free herself from her sometimes heavy tutelage. That’s how she’d make him understand that she wanted him to be less present at threeThe tenth City hall floor. Likewise, she would separate from some of the former mayor’s relatives and do whatever she liked to put together a regional list. Gilbert Annette would have liked to see more “politics”, while Erika Barijts preferred members of civil society.

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These are just a few examples.

According to an insider at City Hall, Gilbert Annette could have made the decision to show Erica Barrages that he was still the real City Hall boss and that she was nothing without him.

Thierry Robert, First Rocket Tool

In a Machiavellian fashion, he initially encouraged her to approach Thierry Robert, knowing that this political show would be disastrous at the top of the list a few days before the first round. How is it at the same time to be word of mouth only and to criticize Didier Robert for his recent conviction and at the same time to be displayed alongside a convict of a sullen reputation?

Well done.

Few bundles of votes “fallen””

But it wasn’t enough. Through a few secure networks, a few packets of votes from fanatical activists slid subtly towards Didier Robert’s list. The result, we know it: The outgoing president of the regional council came out on top in Saint-Denis, ahead of the ruling mayor by a few votes.

It was small but the symbol was powerful.

Either she bends her back or makes an introduction

Two options are now available to Erica Barraguts: Either she bows her head and agrees to go even further under the thorn of her stepfather, who already had “surrounded“In the sense our highly imagined Creole gave us by his aid during the campaign, he has Didier and Christophe, one as campaign manager and the other as financial agent, not to mention Uncle Christian who was in good standing. It would not suffice to be punished with an honorable fine, in which case he would have to give signs strong loyalty.

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Either she continues her desire for independence and decides to stand up to her stepfather. With all the attendant risks.

However, it has a chance on its side: the next municipal elections in 5 years and the only important elections on the horizon are the legislative elections in about a year. She can decide to stand up and count on the next year to take over her city council. He relied on the fact that Gilbert Annette is 75 and the age of his arteries would end up getting heavier and heavier. But in this case, there may be sports on the third floor in the coming months …

The case has to go on, they say.

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