Pictures, pictures. In Gorron, Émile et Images lit up the Colmont space in front of a crowded house

Emil and Pictures set fire to Carmen’s room by appealing the greatest gold songs and pictures. (© CDLM)

This Saturday 6 November 2021, Sal Carmen D Colmont Cultural Space Not packed. 880 spectators came to applaud Emil and photos, Meet the gold singer with the photo set, two cult ’80s sets.

All venues sold out in less than a month, enough to delight volunteers of the Gorron Association for Festive and Cultural Events (AGAFC), the event’s organizer.

“The last time we filled the room, it was a two-person bench. It wasn’t the same”

Lucien FormondAGAFC President

Dynamic Orchestra Part One

The day before, 400 people came to applaud the free show of local cultural associations. On Saturday evening, the first part is also provided by a local group, The dynamic orchestra, which takes the standards of French rock and diversity brilliantly.

Then it was Émile et Images’ turn to take the stage. They instantly sing and applaud, which won the audience in advance by covering the biggest songs of the two groups, such as closer to the stars, The Golden Track was released in 1984.

Gauthier Paturo called on Sunday 7 November

This is amazing Sunday 7 NovemberIt’s the return of free performances to end this weekend in style, with the Lyre gorronnaise orchestra coming and playing in the company of college students from the orchestra classes at Francis Lallart College. They will be joined on stage by Lyre from Landivy.

As for the “surprise guest” that Lucien Formond promised, it was revealed: It is Gauthier Batur, host of France Bleu Mayenne also known for his appearance on France 2, Don’t forget the words.

Sunday November 7 4:30 p.m. Doors open 3:30 p.m. free. Seating Offers

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