Pia Maria El Bouiri, the Lebanese woman who is pursuing her dream in Formula Woman

Pia Maria El Boueri, who is only 24 years old, is among the women who have applied for Formula Woman (FW). She puts all chances on her side to be among the finalists. Here Beirut went to meet him.

Pia Maria Al-Bouiri, can you introduce yourself?

I come from Bouar village, which is a charming village in my very dear country Lebanon. I am 24 years old and I have a BA in Lebanese Law from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, an LLM in International Business Law from Bristol and I continued my postgraduate studies at BPP University in the UK. I currently work at the law firm of Porter Dodson, located in Dorchester, where I started my career as a lawyer.

Furthermore, I am the first Lebanese participant in Formula Woman.

Where did your passion for motorsports come from?

My father was passionate about motorsports. As a kid, I attended the Formula 1 Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon with my brother, I was 4! It was the time when Michael Schumacher tied wins and won his titles season after season. But it was British driver Jenson Button who intensified my passion for Formula 1, especially winning the title in 2009.

Interest in this sport and getting involved in it in the Middle East is not easy, especially for a young girl, for several reasons that do not need to be reviewed. For this, the development I wanted to make regarding motorsports and the changes I wanted to make in Lebanon turned out to be insignificant, even non-existent under the conditions currently prevailing in the country of the Cedars.

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How do you balance your time between your training as a lawyer and your hobby?

My schedule is full of a full time job, but being passionate means finding a moment for yourself to pursue your passion. I make time every day, after work, to post articles on social media related to Formula 1, especially articles related to Formula Woman with the aim of influencing women in the Middle East who are passionate about the sport. I had a great opportunity to take part in the first day as an FW participant, at Donington Circuit, for training for the second day of assessment during the month of November. In addition, I take advantage of the weekends to personally practice karting on the various tracks located in the UK.

What are your upcoming deadlines?

Next November 24, I will be evaluated as an attacking pilot, as I train non-stop, especially since I not only practice my passion, but represent Lebanon with pride.

Throughout this journey as an FW candidate and participant, participating in online coaching and on-track coaching, I will work closely with the entire FW team to create and grow the motorsport-related community. Encouraging women in the Middle East to pursue their ambitions. Those, in turn, will be able to realize their dream by participating in sports-related training, or even getting the opportunity to participate in competitions organized by this community.

Formula Woman is a growing force that continues to expand to include every country in the world that is interested in it. FW is increasing efforts to provide women in the Middle East with the opportunities they deserve.

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Participating in FW was initially a dream for me and a life-changing experience, the opportunity to represent Lebanon in an international competition and the hope of raising the Lebanese flag on the podium is for me the ultimate achievement and the greatest of rewards.

A final word to readers here Beirut?

I would like to tell all readers not to give up on their dreams no matter what. Nothing is impossible and it is never too late to decide to do what you love to do and get started. Personally, I realize my childhood dream at the age of 24, talking to everyone, without excluding age or gender. It is true that the Middle East offers fewer opportunities in the world of motorsports, but I hope to be the right example for you, to remind you that nothing is impossible, especially since Formula 1 and Formula Woman are winning in our country. Never forget that whoever follows the path of determination succeeds in achieving his dreams.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who took the time to read this interview; From the bottom of my heart, I hope to be able to impress you by telling you my story.

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