Photo of Elizabeth II behind the wheel of a jaguar assures the British

Sunglasses and scarf on the head. The departure of Elizabeth II on her green jaguar wheel did not go unnoticed in the United Kingdom. The Queen of England, whose health is suspected by the British, was photographed driving on her grounds from Windsor Castle on Monday. Something to convince everyone.

These photos, published in British newspapers, show the 95-year-old king alone in a car. It was the day after a reception at Windsor Castle, after resting for eleven days, where he chatted with his Prime Minister Boris Johnson and American businessman Bill Gates.

On the advice of his doctors, the Sovereign announced at Buckingham Palace on Friday evening that it would abandon any official visit for at least two weeks. However, the palace said she could continue to do “minor tasks”, including video conferencing.

There is no COP 26 or memorial service on November 13th

On Thursday, during a video conference hearing, he last appeared in public when he presented the gold medal for poetry to English poet David Constantine. In the 24-second video aired by the palace, she is shown smiling and discussing with the poet on interrupted screens.

As a result, the Queen has dropped out of COP 26, the two-week UN climate conference in Glasgow. He is also set to cancel a memorial service on November 13 to pay tribute to British and Commonwealth soldiers, but has “retained the firm intention” of attending an event around Memorial Sunday graves the next day. In London, a government statement released on Friday said.

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