Photo Hepto: Fires in the Gironde, a heat wave in the UK and meerkats having fun… in news pictures of the week



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The “Photo Hepto” segment, Saturday, July 23, presents a week’s worth of news from around the world in a few shots. Heatwave-hit Europe, the United States where the World Athletics Championships produced stunning images, and Bangladesh where water lilies are being harvested.

A heat wave has hit Europe, where heat records have been broken in many countries like the UK, where everyone is looking to cool down as much as they can. Two women set their sights on a pond, where they have submerged their heads. In the Gironde, 20,000 hectares were ravaged by flames, leaving a desolate landscape. The image of firefighters protecting gas cylinders by throwing them into a swimming pool made an impression.

Across the Atlantic, the World Athletics Championships are held in the United States. One of the images of the week was a photo of French athlete Alice Finot collapsing in the women’s 3,000m steeplechase. Fortunately the athlete has more to fear than harm. In Bangladesh, it’s the harvest season of water lilies, whose pink color symbolizes a stream and is one of the most beautiful images of the week. Finally, at the zoo in Hannover (Germany), meerkats have fun with a watermelon.

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