Philip Croizon learns English to go to space

A new challenge by Philip Croizon. A man whose arms and legs were amputated following an accident in 1994, repeatedly pushes to the limits of his potential. After swimming across the English Channel, or recently participating in Dakar in a modified vehicle, Philippe Croizon prepares for a day to go into space. We know it’s a promise from Elon Musk, the president of Space X and Tesla.

The American president, who was arrested by Philip Croeson via Twitter, invited him to Cape Canaveral next October to watch the departure of three tourists with one of his missiles.

The first challenge: learning English

By October, he must learn English to prepare himself for a day in space. This passes An hour and a half of English lessons every day of the week. Challenge him.

Another challenge for Philip Croizon, who recently lives in Angolin, near La Rochelle. These home English lessons will allow him to take a new step, at least in his head. Whoever considers it to start at a very, very low level of English will show everyone that nothing is impossible.

The first step before moving on to the very grueling physical exams is to go to space.

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