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Of all the jewels that we see for two hours, following this “imaginary thread” that gives its title to the movie, there is this line: “You see, his love makes life no longer a big mystery.” We will love Stealth topic Like Alma (Vicky Krebs), a Central European immigrant, she loves Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis), a London-based fashion designer. It is impossible to estimate how many visions it would take to exhaust the resources of Paul Thomas Anderson’s eighth feature film.

However, nothing could be simpler in appearance. A few years after the end of Blitz, Reynolds Woodcock lives and works in a beautiful home in West London. Every morning he takes him breakfast Accompanied by his momentary conquest and austerity, Cyril (Leslie Manville), his sister, is a stewardess and director of human resources for a company whose corporate name will be: “A Man’s Presence.”

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It is she who runs the fashion house, it is she who rejects the companions when they claim an unreasonable share of the attention of the great man, it is she who works to stabilize her brother’s unstable mood by sending him to the countryside. When female expectations are heavy (because Woodcock only trade with women: sister, lovers, employees, clients) they become unbearable.

Uniqueness of personality

On the way to his hut, the designer parked his sports car in front of a country inn to order a breakfast Pantagrolik (in Phantom Thread The characters’ appetite – especially Woodcock – is the opposite of their sexual desire.) She presents him with a young woman of irregular beauty, with a slight Germanic accent. Alma stumbles, picks, and blushes: this change of complexion is one of the most delicate events ever in a movie.

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When, on the same evening, he takes the young woman to the hut, instead of making love, he makes her try to put on a dress, with the help of Cyril, who has appeared who knows where. Then, Alma finds himself in a position as Jane Eyre and Cheb M.I am De Winter, N. Rebecca : Fond of a man older than her, surrounded by female ghosts (here, Woodcock’s mother), guarded by a dragon. Alma embarks on a ruthless campaign to turn Woodcock’s infatuation into engagement.

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Paul Thomas Anderson finds all the strands that sew together in a knit piece the peculiarities of the character (artist, metrosexual before the hour, provider of royal classes but a manual worker) and his belonging to his kind. But it would have been impossible to achieve this degree of complexity, this infinite number of nuances, without the Day-Lewis / Krebs duo. The British actor announced in June 2017 that he was playing his final role on screen.

Phantom Thread By Paul Thomas Anderson. With Daniel Day-Lewis, Vicky Krebs, Leslie Manville (UEFA, 2018, 130 min).

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