Phantom Abyss: Fame and Fortune is waiting for you this summer on PC

The WIBY team announced to temple raiders and Devolver Digital whip enthusiasts Phantom abyss, A massively asynchronous multiplayer game that pushes players into temples laden with procedurally generated traps: they will have to recover the ubiquitous sacred relics. Phantom Abyss will be launched in Early Access on Steam and GeForce NOW this summer and will continue to host new traps, chambers, whips, areas, and additional features that will be added over time.

Intrepid adventurers will have to dodge hidden traps, cross perilous gaps, and flee relentlessly guardians across various branches until they can recover an relic or outweigh the deadly devices over them. Be careful, you only have one attempt per temple: failure or settling on a less valuable relic means that you will never be able to return to that temple again …

The smarter explorers will use imaginary runs to defeat other players’ failures in their favor, avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes that led their peers to defeat. Once the player finds the legendary relic, which is found deep in each temple, the sanctuary disappears forever and becomes the eternal trophy of the talented adventurer who has completed it.

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