Petition to bring back Emmy-winning canceled Netflix series garners over 100,000 signatures

Just days after Netflix broke its heart with the brutal cancellation of its original music, Julie and the Ghosts, fans of the series are reuniting in a bid to save the series. A fan-created petition calls for Netflix to reverse its decision and renew Julie and the Ghosts for a second season, the petition has already passed 100,000 signatures.

It premiered in the fall of 2020 shortly after the series premiered on Netflix, and the petition, titled We Want Jolie and Ghosts Season Two, has sparked renewed interest amid the news. cancellation. While filing the petition, the petition’s creator wrote that fans “want the second season of Jolie and the Ghosts.” The petition goes on to note that the series has brought so much happiness to so many people and inspired so many to pursue their dreams. We all really want to see more of this amazing show, cast and crew. The petition also encourages fans to use the hashtag “#wewantseason2jatp” to draw more attention to the series and calls for its renewal.

The petition hit the 100,000 signature mark on Friday, December 24, less than a week after Netflix confirmed that Julie and the Ghosts would not be returning for the second round. The petition currently has more than 109,000 signatures, a number that continues to grow as more viewers join the march to save the series. One of the signatories to the petition wrote: “I am signing because I want to renew Jolie and the Ghosts.” We found ourselves on a slope. It can’t end like this!!! Another commented, “Please give us season two to finish the stories.” It’s a great show with nice and diverse staff. It’s hard to find family shows to watch that are really fun – this is one of the few! “

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Directed by Kenny Ortega, it follows Julie and the Phantoms of Julie, an aspiring high school singer who accidentally summons the ghosts of a boy band that died in the 1990s, rekindling her passion for music. The series stars Madison Reyes in the lead role alongside Charlie Gillespie, Owen Joyner, Jeremy Shada, Shayan Jackson, and Bobo Stewart. The series premiered on Netflix in September 2020, with Ortega announcing a little over a year later in an Instagram post in December 2021 that they “learned this week that Netflix won’t be coming to pick us up for another season.” In his announcement, Ortega wrote that “while our hearts are sad, we are moving forward with great pride for what we have accomplished as a team and the family we built in creating Julie.” The first and only season of Julie and the Ghosts is available to stream on Netflix.

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