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32% : The percentage of American adults who approve of Joe Biden’s performance in the White House, according to a CNN/SSRS poll conducted June 13-17 in a country with an unemployment rate of 3.7%, where inflation slowed sharply last month and where gasoline prices slowed sharply. Prices are far from the historical peak in June 2022.

In an article published a few hours before this poll was published, columnist V Washington Post Berry Bacon estimated That Biden is as unpopular as Donald Trump at this point in his presidency is not only bad for Democrats, but also bad for democracy. “The president is not perfect. But he has hired competent advisors, successfully managed crises such as debt default risks, enacted laws that command general approval, struck deals with the opposing side, made smart foreign policy decisions, and acted with dignity and elegance.” Bacon concludes his article with these words: “Biden was the kind of president I thought Americans wanted. But voters don’t really reward him for that. It’s disappointing. A country that sees Biden and Trump as similarly flawed politicians will end up with more Trump-like leaders who are Brutal and depraved – and who do not know how to rule either… Of course, you can object to this analysis.

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