People ages 45/50 will be the first to benefit from health insurance’s new prevention appointments at certain key ages of life from fall.

The Minister of Health indicated to the National Assembly that people between the ages of 45 and 50 will be the first to benefit from the fall from the new prevention appointments offered by health insurance in some key ages of life.

“We start + prevention + appointments on October 1, mainly with the 45/50 age group, the most affected, to whom we will go as a priority to offer complete health pathways,” said Minister Fran├žois Brown during his questioning of the government.

The Social Security Financing Act of 2023 established these prevention meetings at three key ages in life, as promised by candidate Macron’s campaign in 2022.

Other age groups involved in this systematic proposal target people between the ages of 20 and 60.

They will be targeted a little later, from the beginning of 2024, according to Mr. Brown’s office.

The health insurance will inform the target audience of the possibility of prevention appointments.

The voluntary insured will fill out a questionnaire to prepare for the appointment, which may take place with a doctor but also with a midwife, nurse or pharmacist, according to the same source.

The questionnaire will address topics such as diet, potential addiction, physical activity, and sexual health, which the insured can then discuss with the caregiver.

In his 2022 presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron proposed “full and free health check-ups at key ages (25, 45, 60)”

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