Pensions should not be increased until 2022, holiday vouchers should be withheld and free travel for students on trains should be eliminated

In the first reading, Prime Minister Florin Cue announced on Wednesday that he had discussed the Emergency Ordinance, which includes several structural measures, to increase the retirement point from January 1, 2022.

“In today’s government meeting, we discussed the emergency order we announced with the measures we want to take to reduce construction costs. The emergency order is still in the process of approval, so today it was on first reading. (…) You know very well why it is important to take these steps. (…) We are talking about a retirement point, the way the pension point was increased during the PSD period for electoral reasons was set in September. We are fixing this problem, we will increase the retirement point from January 1, 2022, it is up to now “, said Q.

The Prime Minister said that this year the pension point is higher than the average in 2020.

“This year’s retirement point is 1,442 lei, which is higher than last year’s average retirement point, around 1,280, around 1,300, but much lower than this year. Last year or this year, in fact, extra effort by increasing pensions this year, At this retirement stage 1,442, the additional effect is already eight billion lei, so we have already started the budget with eight billion lei, so 19.2 billion lei more than 2019. Therefore, the effort to pay pensions in 2020 and 2021 is 19.2 billion lei, unprecedented We are talking about the economic crisis here in 2020 and the recovery period in 2021. “

He also spoke about the budget initiative on social assistance costs and salaries.

“Furthermore, as far as social assistance spending and salaries are concerned, you are well aware that they doubled during the PSD government. They started at 56 billion lei at the end of 2016 and reached 110 billion lei by the end of 2020. We have announced structural measures, some of which are for the Romanian economy. Evolution, unfortunately, under the magnifying glass of foreign investors, under the magnifying glass of appraisal agencies and due to or due to the actions taken by the PSD, during the period 2017-2019, Romania refers to the excess deficit “, Cîţu.

Also, the head of government announced that the holiday vouchers to be issued this year will be issued in 2022.

“In Romania, holiday vouchers issued today in 2019 and extended beyond 2020, in the economy they are worth about 2.4 billion lei, are unused holiday vouchers, except that they are considered extra income, not an increase. You know very well, on the one hand, the industry closed it last year Holiday vouchers could not be used, on the other hand, it is needed, so we allowed them to be used this year. Holiday vouchers are already in circulation, 2.4 billion lbs. So, we have holiday savings vouchers to be issued next year, and we have this savings in the budget, ”said Victoria Palace. Q explained at the press conference.

Lastly, not least, the Prime Minister announced that the crunch that students enjoy on the train can be removed.

“Another topic discussed was, (கிர) Krachutti, who introduced BSD 2017 for rail transport for students. Change and return to 50%. I do not see the end of the country here, I have noticed what is happening in other parts of Europe,” Q said after the government meeting.

He gave many examples of discounts offered by students from various European countries for travel.

“In Austria, students have a 60% discount, and if they travel in a group, adults and peers travel for free. Students and trainees have a free admission at a fee of 19.60 euros per year. In Belgium, students have a discount of up to 50%, and can choose from a wide variety of offers. There are also cards that can carry ten trips over any distance for 50 euros.In Bulgaria, students up to the age of 26 have a 56% discount, students in the Czech Republic have a 75% discount on students between the ages of 18 and 26, and students in Croatia have a 50% discount on unlimited trips, and in Estonia 30% discount. , 30% discount in Finland, 50% discount in France on rail transport for students and students, ”the Prime Minister explained.

According to him, there are no general reductions in Greece, the reductions in Ireland vary from 40 to 50%, while in Italy young people up to the age of 30, not only students benefit from the reduction from 30 to 50%, while Lithuanian students from this country or any other EU state, There is a 50% discount.

In Luxembourg, students up to the age of 30 enjoy free transportation, in Poland PhD students up to the age of 26 and up to the age of 35 get a 51% discount, in Portugal a 25% discount, in Slovenia up to 26 years – 30%, in Spain – 20% discount and in Sweden a second class discount and Last-minute special offers can buy a card in the United Kingdom for 30, based on a 33% discount for young people between the ages of 16 and 25, and a 50% discount in Hungary, the Prime Minister noted.

Prior to the PM’s remarks, PNL leader Ludovic Orban had announced Train travel will be maintained between the crouch for students and the place where the teacher is located.

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