pCloud: 75% off Premium 500 GB and Premium Plus 2 TB subscriptions for life!

pCloud, the European specialist in online storage and services, is launching a resounding display to celebrate France’s National Day. Premium 500 GB and Premium Plus 2 TB accounts are offered at €122.50 and €245, respectively, Or 75% off!

Payment is made in one go and gives access to all functions for life, without any restrictions. There are no additional monthly payments or promotions that stop after the first year. It is clear, pure and subtle, without unpleasant surprises; You are simply taking advantage of the best deal available.

pCloud on all your devices

pCloud is very generous with 500GB or 2TB of storage depending on the package, plus the ability to save files without size limits. But an effective cloud service must be cross-platform, i.e. accessible no matter what device you are using.

pCloud plays the card of diversity fully as it is available on the web as well as on your computer or smartphone via Android and iOS apps. An “Auto Upload” function is introduced to securely save important documents (photos, videos, audio, texts, etc.)

About the desktop application pCloud driveIt is accessible on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Not only, it allows file storage and synchronization, but in addition to the system pCloud encryption It encrypts all data saved on the Internet for maximum security. Only the owner of the encryption key, crypto passIt can then access documents saved in the cloud.

FYI, pCloud uses 4096-bit RSA standards for user private keys and 256-bit AES per file and per folder keys. This military protection was put to the test during the challenge pCloud encryption : For 6 months, participants from the best universities in the world tried to hack the crypto system with a reward of $100,000, but none of them succeeded!

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By the way, it is important to emphasize that pCloud servers are located in Europe, as close to users as possible. This provides excellent performance without any download or upload speed limit, but it is also a guarantee of coverage under the European Legislation on Personal Data Protection (RGPD).

Convenient and easy to use interface

To find your files and folders easily, pCloud integrates various tools: there is a search field on the web interface and in the smartphone app. All you have to do is enter the name of the document to find it. However, if you suffer from memory loss, you can filter your files according to the format (Documents, Images, Audio, Videos, History). Note that pCloud also includes an audio and video player.

Special Jobs at TOP!

pCloud not only backs up files on your devices but can also recover your digital content from Google Photos, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook and Instagram. All you have to do is choose a platform and get started with direct integration. It is an effective way to aggregate photos, videos, and documents spread across the Internet on your accounts.

In the spirit of sharing, the service offers many very practical functions, starting with Invitation in folder It is in his interest to facilitate access to certain files. You send an invitation to your family, friends, and colleagues to view or edit the content according to the permissions you have given them. You can also create share and repository links that you can send to anyone to download your data. Without forgetting the public folder that allows you to create direct links to files or folders. Then pCloud becomes a hosting service.

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If you are looking for an agile, versatile, efficient, sustainable and inexpensive service (75% off!), you know who to turn to: pCloud.

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