Past, future, character… what your hands reveal about you

Life lines, heart, destiny, fingerprints…Have you ever tried to figure out what the lines of your hands signify? If, as stated current wifeThe researcher Jean de Bony created the biology of the study of hands in order to provide self-knowledge to everyone through the multiple signs and characteristics of genetic origin, and asserts that this has nothing to do with divination. However, many of the elements observed in this experimental science have also been studied in palmistry, which has been around for thousands of years.

In order to get your own idea of ​​the question, we interviewed Roberta Vernon, palmist and author of Leslines de la main, part of the Les 4 keys de l’esotérisme collection (Ed. Albin Michel). Love, human relationships, work, children, health, skills and talents, successes and failures … everything will be engraved in our hands. Here’s, in more detail, how to learn more about yourself and those around you.

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First of all, the expert would like to remind that “the items in this article should be considered generalities and cannot be taken as absolute facts. You should make your own decision about the content. Also keep in mind that ‘there may be exceptions’”.

Palmistry: How long has this divine art existed?

planet. Can you tell us what palmistry is? How long has this divine practice existed?

Roberta Vernon. Palmistry or handwriting is the art of reading anything you can see in your hand to determine a person’s character, destiny, health, talents, relationships, and more.

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The first texts of this esoteric art were discovered in northern India over 5,000 years ago, and I suspect it was very old at the time. However, there is another form of palmistry in China that can be ancient. After going out of fashion for several centuries, palmistry began to make its way back to France in the 19th century, then crossed the channel into the United Kingdom and spread around the world. I would not be surprised if it was about Napoleon Bonaparte, for he was especially fond of anything that had to do with divination. ”

So what does the shape of our hands reveal about our past and our future?

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