Party on the plane: Diverting the plane is not easy

It may seem like a good idea to slow down Sunwing’s crazy plane and land the plane in the US to end the party, but it’s not that easy.

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“Routing a plane is not something that can be done in five minutes. The Captain must notify the Company that it requires new traffic authorization and that the Customs should be ready to welcome us. This is a good half hour, three-quarters of an hour. Depending on the condition of the aircraft associated with its destination, we may wonder if it is really worth the trouble, ”explains Frederick Javin, pilot and flight instructor.

The rules are very clear: pilots will not go out [du cockpit], It’s a matter of security. We rely heavily on information obtained from the cabin. What were the pilots told or not told? Maybe the flight attendants said: “We can wait a little longer,” said another pilot, Dominic Dowst.

“There are functional vulnerabilities to emergency landing. […] We had a crazy gang that was at the party behind it, but as far as we know they were a relatively good comedy mob, so I do not know if I want to be the guy who told them: “In the end, we’re not going to get to our destination anymore,” considering the level of immorality. He adds.

If there had been real danger, the pilots would not have hesitated to land. Javin believes.

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“Of course costs always come into operation, but if security is compromised, money is not an issue, all companies will send the plane to the ground, wherever it is, or how much it will cost,” he says.

Private flight, same rules

Please note that even if this flight is not open to the public, the usual rules apply.

“It’s not impossible that the flight attendants initially gave the passengers a little clearance, they said to themselves: ‘Well, it’s a people party, they do not bother anyone.’ But after an hour, the alcohol starts to act, and you lose control,” says Dominic Dows.

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