Party 51 wants Quebec to join the United States | Quebec elections 2022

It does not leave anyone indifferent. [Les gens me disent] Either it’s an unusual idea, or you’re completely insane! I love negotiating with bothexplains the candidate at Beauce-Sud.

Hans Mercier is the co-owner of the Rock Café in Saint-Georges en Beauce. As a lawyer, he also participated in the first season of the documentary “Dirty money” on Netflix in 2018.

Photo: Radio Canada/Philip Grenier

Hans Mercier, a well-known lawyer in the area, defended Angel Grenier in her crusade against the Quebec Maple Syrup Producers Association, in addition to her work as a lawyer for the victims of the Lac-Mégantic tragedy and as an advisor to their American lawyers. Despite being vaccinated, he challenged the health passport in court, which he considered discriminatory.

For him, all it took was a five-minute conversation to convince the resister of the benefits of his political project.

It’s not that crazy, on the contrary. Essentially, it is a society that is richer, freer, more respectful of its rights, and able to thrive the way it wants. We will be masters in our house.

Freedom, security and prosperity. »

Quote from party logo 51
The east side of St. George Town and the Chaudeere River in the foreground.

The Boss Sud ride has a population of 62,500, including approximately 50,000 registered voters. St. George is the most populous city in the constituency born in 1972.

Photo: Radio Canada/Philip Grenier

To achieve his goal, Hans Mercier does not need an electoral platform or a party line, but a draft constitution to protect the language, individual liberties and the culture of Quebec. The constitution is here to staynotice.

It is up to Quebecers to choose. As an American country, no one in Ottawa or in Washington is going to tell us that we don’t have the right to do what we want. »

Quote from Hans Mercer Party Leader 51

In the environment, the lawyer is already seeing that Quebec is following in the footsteps of California’s green transition. Financially, he is already drooling at the idea of ​​joining the American economy. Who doesn’t want to be paid with American money tomorrow morningHe says clapping.

Five candidates from political parties gathered on stage during a debate.  The five men behind a pulpit.

A discussion organized by the St. George’s Chamber of Commerce led to good exchanges on Wednesday.

Photo: Radio Canada/Philip Grenier

The leader of the Party 51 stirred up the Boss-Sud candidates debate on Wednesday with his ideas, which did not go unnoticed by Samuel Beeban, the president of the St. George’s Chamber of Commerce who organized the debate.

Slightly marginal parties often have discourse that does not come from the party line. These new ideas will push other candidates into topics they are not used to answering.

October 3 and beyond?

The battle is expected to be tight between the Conservatives and the Conservatives in Beauce-Sud. Hans Mercier remembers the importance of individual liberties, will he seek votes from Eric Dohemy’s party?

I tell people: ‘Stop voting strategically, stop voting because you are angry, stop voting against you. Vote for’ [vos convictions]! »

Quote from Hans Mercer Party Leader 51

What if the Americans don’t want us? This question is often heard by a lawyer. For him, the difficulty lies in convincing the Kibbers, and not the other way around, Thanks to the geopolitical value of Quebec, the value of our natural resources, the value of our qualified population, and our unique culture. Americans love French.

For Hans Mercier, these are good reasons to encourage our southern neighbors to come and vacation in Quebec and of course in Beauce!

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