Part of India has been hit by a particularly mysterious and deadly fever, already over 60 deaths

Nothing is spared in India. As the country faces a new wave of Covid-19, some districts in Uttar Pradesh have been hit by a mysterious disease. Many people have had violent attacks accompanied by dehydration, stomach pain and low platelet count sudeninfo.

The ‘mysterious fever’ that affects children the most and has already claimed more than 60 lives, it has been reported Mirror. A disease that is spreading rapidly and has already sent several hundred people to hospital. “Patients, especially children, are dying in hospitals very quickly,” says Dr. Neta Kolchersta. As the BBC explained, none of the infected patients had coronavirus.

linked to dengue fever?

While many fear a new epidemic of Covid-19, doctors in affected areas argue that the disease could be linked to dengue fever, a viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes. In fact, the symptoms are consistent and many victims have tested positive for this infection. Could this be a new type of dengue fever? The Indian National Institute of Virology is trying to find out if this is the case. “The combined impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and dengue fever can have severe consequences for vulnerable populations,” says the World Health Organization.

Other doctors also suggest that it could be tropical typhus transmitted by mites.

Mysterious fever was anyway favored by the lack of hygiene and was amplified by the monsoon rains. That is why Uttar Pradesh has announced a larval disinfection campaign in the affected areas.

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