Paris Saint-Germain will tremble in front of Bayern Munich in the second leg of the quarter-final. Follow the match and comment on it with us

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21h13 : Imprisonment or curfew, I don’t know. Paris Saint-Germain supporters shoot fireworks around the Princes’ Park. A way to encourage players who are developing more and more (Montpellier fans did the same thing on Saturday against OM).

21 x 11 : The Parisians are struggling early in the match. Bayern want to score quickly. 90 minutes of stress + extra stress time!

21 x 10 : The first big chance in Paris, with Kylian Mbappe, who was systematically found in the back of the defense, trying a bad pass from Bayern’s defense, Neymar tries to appeal him, but goalkeeper Manuel Neuer stopped him in an academic way. (0-0, tenth).

21 x 10 : It’s clear that Paris Saint-Germain will have a hard time containing the rebellious Bayern completely … Navas will have the gloves that you will smoke like in the first leg. And … imprisonment requires, this match, even if it takes place in Paris, is behind closed doors so there is no public support.

21h05 : 0-3 Go Bayern Munich 🍾🍾

21h05 : A German match … 1-0 then 2-0 … with the former Paris Saint-Germain, like the curse of Coman and Chubo … and a closed match after these two goals only a note of hope, and this makes me not do that for a while. He won a good match bet, thank you Pierre

21h05 The last expectations have just arrived, and I have to say that there is rarely very little in favor of France in the comments on the live broadcast.

21h04 : Embed a Tweet I just asked my friend, Camille Caldini, who is fluent in Goethe’s language, and she replied, “OvholjedAnd your desires πŸ™‚

21h04 : And if not … how do you say “remontada” in German? πŸ™„

21:00 : The beginning of this Paris Saint-Germain – Bayern Munich Only given. In 90 minutes, Paris could become the first French team to combine two Champions League semi-final matches in a row.

20 x 58 On the other hand, it’s Chelsea or Real, and it’s not necessarily a gift either …

20 x 55 : Embed a Tweet The Parisian club will face the winner of the Dortmund-Manchester City match (first leg 2-1). It will not be an easy task, as Paris Saint-Germain has fallen into the most difficult part of the schedule.

20 x 55 : Which team will Paris Saint-Germain meet in the next round if they qualify tonight? Thank you and good evening. #LDC

20h57 : An idea for the French women’s team, which is playing a friendly match against the American world champion this evening in Le Havre. The match, which is hard to schedule due to lack of international positioning, falls on this year’s biggest poster day for the boys. “At least we’re on a free channel.” (W9), enjoy defender Aisato Tonkara yesterday at a press conference.

20 x 46 : A small accuracy, this confrontation between Rowan and Bayern took place in the framework of the Rabanne Cup, which is to some extent the predecessor of the defunct Intertoto Cup, a small European Cup for that. The Culs Rouges website published a report on the two meetings.

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I think Paris Saint-Germain is signing a similar scenario πŸ™‚

20 x 46 : Good evening Pierre Godon. Know we have records and facts about the UEFA Champions League dating back to 1963! In fact, that year, FC Roenne defeated Bayern 3-2 (just like PSG!). Want to know the rest? In the second leg, Rowan Bayern were knocked out by a 4-2 home win. So of course, times and teams have changed but all the same, and that leaves hope for a possible qualification scenario! Go to Paris!

20h32 : Good evening Pierre, don’t worry, because I’m a footballer … so we’ll pass because I won’t be able to celebrate that. 2-1 With Muller and Mbappe at the end of the suspense …

20h31 : Embed a Tweet Let us use your predictions to evaluate the scenarios. Paris Saint-Germain qualify if they win or draw, or if they lose by a goal difference in the 0-1 and 1-2 grades. Of course, if the Bavarians win 3-2, we are entitled to extra time.

20h31 : Small 1-2 for Bayern, and Paris Saint-Germain in the half in favor of extra-terrestrial goals!

20 x 26 : Bayern’s team, midfielder Leon Goretzka, with the muscles unenviable by Florent Manudo, finally lost, not sufficiently recovered from his injury in the first leg.

20 x 25 : The formation of the two teams there: the Parisian side, no surprise with central defense Danilo Kimpembe, Paredes return in the middle, but without Verratti, on the bench, little Dagba is on the right side of defense.

20 Q 15 : 0-4 for Bayern .. This time he is right.

20 Q 14 : I am a Parisian supporter, today I lost 10 years of life expectancy. I can’t wait for the match to end in a quiet 1-1 draw

20 Q 14 Good evening Pierre .. Bayern take revenge and the Parisians have suffered from previous disasters in their minds … Finally, this is what many of us see things … So sign with Paris Saint-Germain …

20 Q 14 : Hello Editor! I absolutely do not agree with Louis Boy, Paris Saint-Germain will go through 8-2 ​​Bayern Munich! Their defense is very slow

20 Q 14 : The Bavarians will retaliate, I bet Bayern 2-0.

20 Q 14 Here are your first expectations. There is a trend emerging, we must see a lot of targets. You do not agree which team will score the most goals.

20 x 10 The Paris Saint-Germain bus was warmly encouraged by its supporters as it left the hotel to go to the Parc des Princes.

20h09 : A huge tifo has been deployed in the stands of Princes Park. He’s neither replacing the fans nor returning the advantage of receiving, because we haven’t had a lot of wins away from home this season. Paris Saint-Germain is also still struggling with three consecutive defeats at home, which was once an impregnable fortress.

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20h05 If you want to watch Pierre’s live broadcast on PSG-Bayern separately, from here. And for those who are allergic to football, if you click on the hashtag #FOOT at the beginning of this message, an option will appear that allows you to hide messages about it.

20 x 06 Time for drafting predictions: Lewis Bowie, host of this live broadcast, expects Bayern to win 5-2. Parisian backers, don’t hesitate to tell him what you think of it in the comments πŸ™‚ In his defense, he assumes this hawkish prediction. For my part, I see the hard-fought 2-2 draw in Paris, which will qualify in the last four. Finally, Mathilde Goebel is considering a 2-1 win for Bayern who would still be eligible for Paris. I expect you in the comments πŸ™‚

20h02 : Good evening Louis, good evening everyone! We are together to follow this lovely UEFA Champions League poster, very hesitant despite the advantage Paris got in the first leg (3-2). Very smart who will predict the outcome of the match, but one thing is for sure: The Parc des Princes does not have to snow, we deserve the wonderful blue skies in the Paris region.

20 o 01 : I take this opportunity to welcome Pierre Godon. Live streamers will understand: He came to help me follow the Champions League quarter-final comeback between Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich.

20 o 01 : Eight o’clock in the evening, time to summon key information for Tuesday:

β€’ Will Paris Saint-Germain, who won the first leg (3-2), retain his advantage in the second leg? The club receives Bayern Munich at 9 pm, in the Champions League quarter-finals.

β€’ Jan Castex finally proposes to keep the regional and district elections in June, but to postpone them for a week on 20 and 27 June. Members of Parliament are due to take a symbolic vote tonight. Follow our lives.

β€’ La France Commentary “until a further notice” All flights between Brazil and France, Jan Castex announced, due to concerns about the specific alternative in Brazil. A solution will be presented to the French who are currently present, and the government promises.

β€’ Johnson & Johnson Lab ‘Publication delay’ Her vaccine is in Europe, following “pause” In its declared use by US health authorities. Six severe cases of blood clots have been identified in the United States in people who were recently vaccinated.

15 Q 28 : A brace against Bayern Munich last week, a hat-trick against Barcelona … the prodigy of Paris Saint-Germain, Kylian Mbappe, did not stop causing panic in the counters in the Champions League this season. A few hours before the quarter-final comeback against Bayern, France tv sport channel reviews the player’s performance.

(Frank Vive / AFP)

12h07 : It’s time to rate the news.

β€’ Prime Minister Jean Castex will propose to Parliament to postpone the polling for a week, so that it will take place on June 20 and 27.

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β€’ Two studies confirmed that the UK-specific variant of Sars-CoV-2 does not cause more severe forms of Covid-19.

β€’ Operating companies “Seasonal Frequent Workers” They will be able to put them in a state of partial unemployment and benefit from the related aid until the end of June, according to the Ministry of Labor announcement.

What exactly happened at Natanz factory? What are the consequences of this attack, which occurred amid the resumption of negotiations in an attempt to revive the 2015 international Iran nuclear deal? Explanations.

β€’ Paris Saint-Germain will face Bayern Munich in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals this evening. The Parisians won the first leg 3-2 and want to confirm this achievement. Francetv sport offers some advice on Paris Saint-Germain.

10 x 52 : According to Bicente Lizarazzo, Paris Saint-Germain was made ‘Big step’ Towards the semi-finals of the Champions League, “But this is not enough”. Le Bavaria “He has weapons.” To qualify and He will try everything to the end“. The worst-case scenario is for Bayern to open the scoring because it is clear that the pressure will be terrible., Explaining to franceinfo, former world champion.

10 x 59 This evening, the German defense should be watching Kylian Mbappe closely. After his brace in the first leg, his hat-trick against Barcelona, ​​he’s truly a lethal weapon for Paris Saint-Germain. Back in numbers in the season when the counters panicked.

11h00 Paris Saint-Germain dominated the first leg, but won the first leg (3-2), and is in a favorable position against Bayern Munich to qualify for the Champions League semi-finals. A composition never guaranteed anything to the capital club. Here are francetv sport tips to confirm exploitation.

09h31 Real Madrid announced, last night, that Spanish businessman Florentino Perez, 74, has been re-elected president for a sixth term. He will head the “White House” until 2025. “Only one nomination was approved by the Electoral Commission and in accordance with Article 40, paragraph E, point 2 of the club’s statutes, Dr. Florentino Perez Rodriguez was declared president.”, Writes the club in prof Communicate.

09h33 : It’s time to rate the news.

β€’ France Televsion learned from a government source that Prime Minister Jean Castex will propose to Parliament to postpone the polls for a week until it takes place on June 20 and 27. Follow our lives.

β€’ Two studies confirmed that the UK-specific variant of Sars-CoV-2 does not cause more severe forms of Covid-19.

Seven religious Catholics, five Haitians and two French were kidnapped yesterday near Port-au-Prince. An investigation has been opened in France. Here is what we know about this kidnapping.

β€’ Paris Saint-Germain will face Bayern Munich in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals this evening. The Parisians won the first leg 3-2 and want to confirm this achievement. Francetv sport offers some advice on Paris Saint-Germain.

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