Paris Saint-Germain: excitement, sadness, indignation .. the European press participates with Messi in football

If excitement prevailed in the French press after Lionel Messi’s arrival at Paris Saint-Germain, this is not the case in Spain, which has a hangover. Elsewhere in Europe, the economic aspect of transportation is more important at the expense of history…

Facade of the Camp Nou, on the front page of La Vanguardia.

lionel messi and barcelona, I finish. Was there still little hope in the Catalan press of the Argentine staying with the Blaugrana this summer? If so, he took off on Tuesday night with his official signature for PSG.

Mundo Deportivo lauded this historic transition wistfully, thus a few words in French. As for sports, the other daily sports in the region, the front page is unmistakable: Messi signs in Paris Saint-Germain … and what’s wrong!.

Catalonia cries, not the capital

Catalonia cries. In words or in pictures, like this one from La Vanguardia where we see the facade of the Camp Nou truncated by Messi. But on the capital side, there is a change in the atmosphere. Madrid dailies seem almost happy to get rid of the black box in El Clasico. Paris party, titled AS en Une this Wednesday, Messi forgets his tears, chose El Mundo, while Marca was satisfied with Messi arms the French Revolution.

It is precisely in the land of revolution that excitement reigns. from now on Here is Messi From the team to the simple Parisian! From the regional daily… Le Parisien. Not to forget Le Dauphin, for whom he enters the capital club in another galaxy With the arrival of the hexagonal golden ball. This is the 34-year-old’s departure country, and the host country. But elsewhere in Europe, how has this resounding transformation been received?

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Messi from tears to laughter, the press is fun

In the UK, the late hour of the announcement may have prevented some editors from putting Messi on the front page, but The Sun made the effort. With a little mockery, the key, referring to the salary XXL the Argentine will receive in Paris. Messi cuts his salary … only 46 million pounds a year (56 million euros on 08-11, editor’s note)under the tabloid heading. In fact, according to L’Equipe, he should earn €40 million net per season, taking into account his salary, bonuses and image rights.

A salary that angers some and inspires others. Especially in Italy. The Gazzetta dello Sport hasn’t made waves on its own Paris deserves MessiBut Corriere dello Sport were delighted, just three days after the attacking midfielder shed tears as he said goodbye to Barra. And now Messi is laughing! He went down in Paris and immediately forgot the tears: he would earn 80 millionAddress our colleagues effortlessly by numbers.

Sports titles: Messi signs in Paris Saint-Germain… and what went wrong

Front page of AS:Paris party

The front page of La Vanguardia with the front of the Camp Nou without Messi

Team home page: Here is Messi

Une du Corriere dello Sport: And now Messi is laughing

And you, what title would you have chosen on the front page to accompany the photo of Messi? Feel free to reply and discuss in the area add a comment

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