Paris Saint-Germain: Al-Khalifa is dealing with Barcelona and its 1.8 billion debts

This Tuesday could be PSG and Juventus from Turin. But this Monday, Paris Saint-Germain – Barcelona was on the lips of President Nasser Al-Khelaifi, even if the latter was careful not to utter the name of the Catalan club. Invited to Football Talks, a discussion forum that brings together famous guests on the topic of the future of football, the Parisian president spoke and explained his vision for good financial management. It is clear that for him FC Barcelona is the model that he should not follow.

“Some clubs have debts of 1.8 billion euros, which is unhealthy,” he explained. Thank God, what we do is no debt. Of course, we lost money during Covid but we have nothing to hide. Other clubs have big debts. This is the danger and danger to football. And the president of Paris Saint-Germain brings this point home: “Some have been presidents for many years and have left debts to their successors. This is what happened for years and years. This is the danger to football that I believe in. We have to be careful and worry about it because it is a huge danger that can destroy football. We need rules to protect clubs and to protect football in Europe from the catastrophe of this club debt. »

On his way, the Parisian coach explained all the good things he had in mind for the new format of the Champions League, which will start in 2024-2025 and which is supposed to respond to the Premier League project that is defended in particular by Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona. . “Sales of the new format in the United States, even without Spanish, increased by 150%. In the United Kingdom and France, they also increased a lot, and this was justified at a conference organized near Lisbon by the Portuguese Football Federation. We are united in the direction of football development, And we respect the fans and the media, because the football ecosystem is much bigger than two or three clubs., It is very important to all of us.”

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