Paris: Netflix takes you on a tour of the filming locations of its cult series

Latin Quarter, Luxembourg Gardens or Notre Dame Square. All these Parisian places have one thing in common: You can see them in hit series available on Netflix, like Emily in ParisAnd the lupine or soon in Notre Dame, the fire part. For even more immersion, the streaming platform has decided to let you discover it in the flesh. From July 11-17, 2022, it joins SANDEMANS New Europe and organizes guided tours of these emblematic places, following in the footsteps of the characters considered emblematic.

⋙ Emily is back in Paris for season two: these places of worship seen in the series

Free tours in Paris, Madrid and London

after Reserve a place on the site, a free visit of about two hours is waiting for you in the streets of the capital. A guide will take you in the footsteps of Asani Diop and Emily Cooper, while revealing the filming secrets hidden behind the episodes, as well as the theatrical antiquities history of these cult scenes. Paris won’t be the only city to explore. Étretat or even Saint-Tropez, having also hosted Lily Collins and Omar Sy, will be covered soon.

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In pictures, in pictures Emily is back in Paris for season two: places of worship seen in the series

fans phone girlsAnd the eliteAnd the valeriaor Casa de Papel They also have Madrid as their playground for their Netflix tours, while those inanatomy scandalAnd the BridgetonAnd the Enola HolmesAnd the the crown where senior boy They can already listen to tales and stories on the cobblestones of London.

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From the Luxembourg Garden to Place de Valois

And for those who want to discover the Parisian places on their own, it is enough to rely on the itinerary prepared by Netflix. The road begins near the basin opposite the Luxembourg Palace, where the “noble thief” Lupine deceives the police by disappearing delivery men on bicycles. Then a few streets away, on the Place de l’Estrapade, you will get acquainted with the main places ofEmily in Paris. Concealing the red facade of Gabriel’s restaurant “Les deux compères” – actually called “Terra Nera” – the modern bakery dear to the main character or the balcony of his apartment.

A tourism and audio-visual series, a recipe for success

Heading toward the Seine through the Panthéon, you’ll pass La Sorbonne, Le Champo cinema, Place Saint-Michel and then Pont des Arts, all of which are outdoor venues that served as the setting for series scenes. Most movie lovers will find works related to our lady, Pont Neuf and Théâtre du Châtelet, before diving back into the world of Lupin once you arrive in front of the Louvre and its pyramid – where Assane steals Queen Marie Antoinette’s famous necklace. The trip finally stops at the Place de Valois, the headquarters of the offices of the fictional agency Savoir where Emily works.

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