Paris: For vaccination week, health professionals answer questions

From 24 to 30 April 2023, as part of European Vaccination Week, the city’s health professionals will answer your questions about up-to-date vaccinations for you and your children.

This immunization week is part of the World Immunization Week established by the World Health Organization in 2005, which takes place in about 200 countries.

In France, vaccination of children will be the topic of this week. It will make it possible to transfer and implement educational actions, in the course of entering into force Extending vaccination obligations for children under the age of two.

Free consultations for all

Like every year, the European Immunization Week It is an opportunity to evaluate your vaccinations. Health professionals from the city of Paris provide you with information and vaccination sessions.

Vaccination is the most effective means of prevention for preventing some serious infections, such as tetanus or polio, and is a major challenge for protecting the health of the population. This week is coordinated every year at the national level by the Ministry of Solidarity, Health and Public Health of France and piloted in the regions by the Regional Health Agencies (ARS).

  • Meetings will be held in Seven vaccination centers in the cityCompulsory and recommended vaccinations can be taken for free.

  • the Vaccination Center Hôtel-Dieu Organizes an open day on Tuesday 25th April with consultations to evaluate vaccines and their immunization schedule. Do not hesitate to go to the center located at The exhibition is from A1 to 4H The floor of the Hôtel-Dieu hospitalor place du parvis de Notre-Dame or call the centre On 01 42 34 84 84 for more information.

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