Paranoid trailer to return to Netflix

Netflix has unveiled the trailer for the sixth season of the dystopian anthology black mirror.

Top 10 episodes of black mirror

In 2011, Channel 4 struck a jab in the soap opera world with its anthology set against the backdrop of paranoid technological excesses. Created by Charlie Brooker, behind the zombie explosion in reality TV setting dead setAnd black mirror She quickly imposed herself on the British channel and around the world thanks to her sarcastic tone and Its technological concepts are as intimidating as they are clever.

After migrating to Netflix for its third season, where Charlie Brooker also released a wacky series piece of the planetThe series quietly continued on its way. Although still very uneven quality, ones Bandersnatchinteractive loop, black mirror It is now entering its sixth season. And Netflix decided to reveal the first images in a trailer full of stars and illusions.

After Jesse Plemons, Rory Kinnear, Jon Hamm or Mackenzie Davis, among many others, the series will continue to present Beautiful bed of stars. This is how we can discover the first steps in the series of Aaron Paul, who seems lost in space, the charming Kate Mara under intense tension or even a brief glimpse of the empress Salma Hayek.

We clearly find all the paranoid tension in the series. He is the same as aventurer sur quelques retro territoires, as témoigne by example of Zazie Beetz and full of nervous nerves in the face of a modem and his son si charitable, source of sueurs froides for all trentenaires ayant decouvert the débuts limités d’internet dans homes.

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It is difficult to get an idea of ​​the concepts and techniques Which will serve the different stories of this installment. But one thing is for sure, the atmosphere will not be one of peace and serenity. Paparrazis, shop window smashed with disapproving foreheads, hammer threats and other cries of frustration, the program promises to be busy and hopefully the series can maintain consistent quality through this season.

Josh Hartnett, Papa Isido, Rory Culkin, Annie Murphy or Michael Cera are some of the names that complete the already mentioned ranks of victims. Whereas the previous season only had three episodes, this new installment is set to feature a few more, with a more cinematic visual ambition. Season 6 of Black Mirror doesn’t have an official release date set yet, but it’s expected to arrive in June on Netflix.

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