Pandemic | The International Monetary Fund unveils a $ 50 billion plan for global recovery

(Washington) Le FMI a proposé vendredi un plan destiné à mettre fin à la pandémie mondiale de COVID-19 dont le financement est estimé à 50 milliards de dollars avec un objectif de vaccination d’au moins 40% de la population mondiale d’ici End of year.

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“Our proposal sets goals, assesses funding needs and sets out practical measures,” summarized Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, at the G20 World Health Summit in Rome.

The plan aims to vaccinate at least 60% of the world’s population by the end of 2022 to enable sustainable global economic recovery.

The report’s authors contend that it is now accepted that there will be no “permanent end” to the economic crisis without ending the health crisis. It is therefore in the interest of all countries to put a definitive end to this crisis.

The president of the foundation commented, “Some time ago, we had been alerting to a dangerous divergence in economic conditions.”

This will only get worse as the gap widens between rich countries that have access to vaccines and poor countries that cannot.

Kristalina Georgieva, Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund

By the end of April, less than 2% of the African population had been vaccinated while more than 40% of the population in the United States and more than 20% in Europe had received at least one dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, the International Monetary Fund recalls.

The pandemic, which is affecting India particularly hard, could derail the global recovery.

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To get the planet back on its growth path, the IMF is thus presenting a series of proposals with the primary goal of closing the vaccine gaps that many developing countries face.

It is about helping “get a big control over the epidemic everywhere for the benefit of everyone,” as Sayed insists.I Georgieva.

To achieve vaccination goals for the world’s population, the International Monetary Fund stresses the need to grant additional subsidies to the international COVAX system, by donating overdoses and ensuring the free cross-border flow of raw materials and vaccine doses.

COVAX was created to try to prevent the rich countries from taking over the most precious doses. But it is proving ineffective at the present time.

The International Monetary Fund said the IMF proposal would cost about $ 50 billion in a combination of subsidies (at least $ 35 billion), local government resources and other financing.

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