Pandemic: Increasing infections

After halving in one month, Coronavirus contamination began to rise again in the world over the past week: Here are the highlights of the week, taken from the Agence France-Presse database.

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An important indicator, however, is that the number of diagnosed cases reflects only a fraction of the actual number of infections, and cross-country comparisons should be taken with caution, as testing policies differ from country to country.

With 384,200 daily injuries recorded this week, the index is starting to rise again (+ 6% compared to the previous week), halting the decline recorded between mid-January and mid-February, according to an AFP report that stopped on Thursday.

The index halved in one month, from 743,000 new daily cases (week 5 to January 11) to 362,000 (week 12 to February 18). Since the beginning of the epidemic, the index has not seen such a sharp and prolonged decline.

Despite the increase this week, new pollution remains at a similar level as mid-October.

This week, only Africa saw a slowdown in infections (-14%). All other regions experienced acceleration: + 10% in Europe, + 8% in Asia and Latin America / Caribbean, + 5% in the Middle East, + 1% in the US / Canada.

For its part, Oceania has seen its pollution more than triple (+ 252%), but the virus is spreading very little in this area (47 cases per day).

Estonia is the country where the epidemic has accelerated the most (+ 82%, 1050 new cases per day), among the countries that recorded more than 1,000 daily infections during the past week. The state ordered the closure of all schools (except for younger-child classes), public swimming pools and saunas on February 19, and required Estonians to work from home.

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Hungary (+ 69%, 2900), Jordan (+ 59%, 3400), Serbia (+ 59%, 3000) and Ecuador (+ 48%, 1600).

For the third week in a row, the strongest decline during the week was observed in Portugal (-38%, 1,300 new cases per day). At the start of the year, Portugal remained for several weeks the most polluted country in the world in relation to its population. The curve has decreased sharply for four weeks, thanks to the containment that went into effect on January 15th.

Spain (-27%, 8,400), South Africa (-25%, 1,500), Israel (-22%, 3,800) and Japan (-22%, 1,200).

The United States is still the country with the most new infections this week, with 73,700 new daily cases (+ 1%), ahead of Brazil (51,400, + 14%), France (21,500, + 16). %) And Italy (14,700), + 26%).

As a percentage of the population, with the exception of small countries, the Czech Republic remains the country with the most cases this week (700 per 100,000 inhabitants), ahead of Montenegro (561) and Estonia (552).

The United States recorded the most deaths last week (2,156 deaths per day on average), ahead of Brazil (1,149), Mexico (798), Russia (421) and the United Kingdom (383).

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