Paintings of Biden’s son are at the center of a parliamentary investigation

(WASHINGTON) Paintings by the son of Joe Biden, a former businessman turned artist, on Wednesday were at the center of a congressional investigation led by Republicans, who accuse the family of “trading in their contacts and influence.”

The chairman of a powerful House committee has written to a New York gallery showcasing Hunter Biden’s work, asking him to provide Congress with a list of buyers for his work.

“Your agreement with Hunter Biden raises serious ethical issues and raises the question of whether the Biden family is once again trading in their connections and influence,” Republican James Comer said in the letter.

He also invited the gallery’s owner, George Burgess, to testify before Congress in February.

Hunter Biden is one of the favorite targets of the Republican camp, who promised, with a new majority in the House of Representatives, to open a series of investigations into the Democratic president.

Republicans in particular point to the danger of industrialists or financiers buying his business for the sole purpose of currying favor with the White House.

According to James Comer, some of the paintings on display at New York’s George Burgess Gallery cost as much as $225,000.

“Who would pay big bucks for the a priori worthless work of Hunter Biden? It’s definitely not Picasso,” the governor-elect said on Twitter.

Asked by AFP, the gallery did not immediately comment.

In recent days, she has been promoting Hunter Biden’s acrylic works on these social networks.

The Biden administration, which likes to present itself as morally incorrigible, has been questioned repeatedly about the technical career of Joe Biden’s son, a former lawyer and businessman.

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The president’s youngest son was regularly criticized for having economic interests in Ukraine and China when his father was Vice President Barack Obama (2009-2017).

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