Package. Artist Olivier in the cultural space Santamaria de Prayssac

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Maison Santamaria in Prayssac dedicated to art © DR

Culture continues to come to Prayssac for the second year in a row at Maison Santamaria, a place dedicated to art, sharing and encounters.

the Wednesday 19th July to Sunday 6th August By 2023, the painter Olivier will exhibit about sixty paintings.

The 62-year-old painter Olivier is excited about it line and formation since then. Recently moved to Bryisac. He has persistently started the “battle” of colors for more than 20 years. In this world more mobile than ever, drawing allows him to “write” with his brush the many ideas that come to his mind. Every element of his work is weighed, measured and considered, without neglecting the spontaneity of the gesture in order to obtain a result as close as possible to his ambitions.

The driving force behind this business is still amazing The existence and beauty of all life with all its momentum. He can pose a poetic, amazed look at his canvas, but also a curious questioning. At the same time, he researches the alchemy of colours, and the symbiosis of forms in order to project a hymn to life.

Meeting with the artist.

Why is the name of your exhibition called “Athar”?

My technique is to introduce myself to the area, to prayers and prayers, because we have just moved to Braissac with my two companions, we are from Alsace. I will be showing approximately 60 paintings representing a ten-year period from 2011.

Why did you choose Lot?

We retired and needed to cross the Loire for brightness and color, it matters. there is a lot to do. In addition, my paintings in Indian ink represent landscapes or places in the lot, the environment, the unique charm of this world of metal, wood, stones … wonderful sources of inspiration.

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Tell us about your “Athar” exhibition?

Thirty paintings will be shown, acrylics in a particular pastel technique, two materials that are difficult to put together, but which give a wonderful light-filled show. Pastels and acrylics, let’s imagine, suggest leading the eye and the soul in dream and poetry. There will also be about thirty paintings in Indian ink, in smaller sizes, on paper and under glass, each time unique works and they will be accompanied by small texts, shadows stop n time ends, ink flows and flows. Lot took shape. The metaphor has held its own for about twenty years and is important because it is a good base.

Brigitte Gegenbolt

The exhibition is from July 19 to August 6, 2023, open daily except Monday morning from 10 am to 12 pm and in the afternoon from 2 pm to 6 pm. free entry.

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