Pac-Man + Museum: Release date and addition to Xbox Game Pass to collect new arcade

Holiday backman It has been around for more than 40 years and has already had the right to assemblies, such as with Pac-Man Museum In 2014 on PS3 / Xbox 360 generation. Bandai Namco Games I decided to give him a face lift with Pac-Man Museum +This time a collection of 14 games on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

We already knew Experience List, but we’re missing a key piece of information: the release date. Take your calendars, It’s May 27 2022 We will find this selection of puzzle and platform games compatible Next generation And the built in Xbox Game Pass Since its launch !

The little feature of the game will be for the memory to connect the adventures since then Customizable virtual game roomFeatured in the trailer above. Coins earned during our games will allow us to buy stations, decorations, backgrounds and other items to form a place in our image, or even to fill jukebox Rich in music. There will of course be global leaderboards to compare our scores online and any login during the launch period will be rewarded with 5 exclusive décor items.

While waiting for pre-orders to open, Namco Museum Archive Volume 1 Is it available from €9.95 on Switch.

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