Overwhelmed by his sexual comments, the host of a star-studded game resigns

Trapped in his sexual ideas, “Jeopardy!” Is one of the most popular sports shows in the United States. The new host resigned on Friday, nine days after being selected for this envy position.

Mike Richards, 46, was selected to replace Alex Trebeck, who died of cancer last year after running the show continuously since 1984.

A few days after Sony Pictures TV announced his appointment – and he said “Jeopardy!” – Mike Richards finds himself at the center of a controversy, with insulting comments about the hosts and women he associates with being uttered in one of his podcasts eight years ago.

“I’m sorry these past events and comments cast a shadow over Jeopardy! We’re entering a new chapter,” Richards told the sports team in a copy of the AFP copy.

Mike Richards, who believed he was determined to host the show “No Good Things”, announced his immediate “resignation” from his post as host.

“This week we were surprised to learn about Mike’s podcast in 2013/2014 and the insulting language it used in the past,” a Sony Pictures TV spokesman responded, adding that Mike Richards would continue to be a part of it. “Jeopardy!”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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