Overwatch 2: Sojourn appears before closed beta – News

The 33rd heroine to join Note and watchex-Captain Sojourn (real name Vivian Chase) combines mobility and punch, as evidenced by her gliding ability and extreme ability in the form of a focused, devastating beam that pierces everything in its path, like a good old man. Makankō sappō.

Healing, which is very present in the gameplay video, is the ability that allows him to glide across the floor with his thrusters and continue at any time with a high jump. “We wanted to add some verticality to her arsenal, so she could quickly reach high observation points and cement her role as a roving FPS defender.‘,” Josh Noh, lead character designer, explains in The article dedicated to him.

The Sojourn is designed to be a mid-range champ that rewards accuracy. So her electric cannon would require minimal skill to be effective. This cannon has a primary fire that stores energy, which is then fired by its more powerful secondary fire. Sojourn also has an effect ability called disruptive shot which slows down and damages targets. Then it becomes easier for her to hit her target with her cannon’s secondary fire.

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